Zoekazz Ignore these comments people are so insecure you're literally so beautiful Sh View replies 13 G serenademary YOURE BEAUTIFUL View replies Can we stop lying to people Obesity isnt beautiful. It might be harsh but it's true. You are actively harming your body when you are obese by putting added stress on joints and organs, that's just with the baseline and doesnt even include the other things youre most likely doing such as giving yourself heart disease. Slow suicide isnt beautiful and lying that it is doesnt make you woke, it makes you an enabler meme
George Washington's golden rule has been shattered, and our country has been divided. Democrats and Republicans alike must join forces to defeat the looming tyranny at hand. I'm beginning my own group to bring our divided country together once again. Message me for an invitation to the Patriot Party. Our freedoms must be protected, and this can only be found by unification. Just as our founding fathers intended meme
Apparently this is complex. Lets say 20 million people decide f*** it and become fully self reliant. They then proceeded to only hunt deer, families my brothers family would eat more than 6 deer a year now imagine lets say only 5 million of the 20 million have family's like his 11 million deer a year every year from just them. The ecosystem can not handle that. Do not hunt just one animal. Go fishing, trap rabits, eat more fruits, vegetables and bread. If 20million family's try to eat only deer there will be none. Also do not waste food its shameful Sorry for the agression I have explained this to my brother to many times. Please republish this and my previous post  Sorry for the agression I have explained this to my brother to many times. Please republish this and my previous post meme
BREAKING Google's Ashley Edwards calls for retribution against Republicans. Fucking treasonous terrorists. Every single one of the Republicans who enabled this need to be jailed. SS BREITBART 2 MIN READ Google Employee Ashley Edwards Calls for Retribution Against GOP Politicians memes
Tweet Andrew Jackson  I'm a Cherokee Indian guy and I can personally say John Quincy Adams did nothing for me, my life only changed a little bit and it was for the worse. Everything is better under Jackson though. I feel respected  which I never do when National Republicans are involved. PM  Sept 27, 1828  Twitter Posting Board meme
Brian Kemp As I have said many times before, adding Photo ID requirements to absentee ballots is another way to ensure secure and fair elections in Georgia. I look forward to partnering with state legislators on election reform during the 2021 Legislative Session. AIC COM Kemp Photo ID requirements for absentee ballots front and center this year memes
Guy Benson can confirm this. spoke with a GOP member moments ago, asking if it is true that there are House Republicans who favor impeachment but fear for their lives physical safety if they follow through with that vote. Answer Yes. Meet the Press MeetThePress WATCH Rep. Jason Crow D Colo. says majority of GOP paralyzed with fear RepJasonCrow had a lot of conversations with my Republican colleagues. A couple of them broke down in tears saying that they are afraid for their lives if they vote for this impeachment. Make them afraid again LOL The absolute state of the GOP Imfao The absolute state of the GOP lmfao meme
Anonymous ID El Screencap This 27 41 No 302528106 OFF Joe Biden has been arrested. The deep state is in disarray and has struck a deal with the Trump administration. There will be an experimental surgery that will exchange the faces of Biden and Trump. So when you watch Biden's inauguration you will really be watching Trump being sworn in for a second term. And when you are watching the Trump trials that is really Biden paying for his crimes. Also when Trump as Biden stammers or slurs his words, that's because Trump is still learning to duplicate his speech patterns. Facts, do not be fooled by the liberal deepstate  Facts, do not be fooled by the liberal deepstate memes
New. Study Mast Bislegists Believe Life Begins at Conception LIBERTY COUNSEL Jul 12, 2019 CHICAGO, IL A recent five year research study has revealed that an overwhelming majority of biologists from 1,058 academic institutions confirm that a human's life begins at fertilization. Steven Jacobs was a University of Chicago Ph.D. candidate who recently successfully defended his dissertation, Balancing Abortion Rights and Fetal Rights A Mixed Methods Mediation of the U.S. Abortion Debate. For his research, Jacobs recruited 5,502 academic biologists to participate in his thesis study, Biologists Consensus on When Life Begins. The biologists identified themselves as very pro choice, very pro life, very liberal, very conservative, strong Democrats and strong Republicans. After five years, the resea
The Babylon Bee Progressive Christian Refreshes Bible App To See If God Has Updated His Stance On Homosexuality Progressive Christian Refreshes Bible App To See If God Has Updated His Stance On Ho AM 08 Jan 21 Buffer Christian meme