VFOX NEWS Watch TV BREAKING NEWS DISGRACE Cuomo's team scrambling after top aide admits gov. covered up COVID deaths now facing call for arrest NY lawmaker Tenney calls on Gov. Cuomo to resign for covering up nursing home deaths Celebrities who once gushed over Andrew Cuomo remain silent on alleged nursing home up Janice Dean Gov. Cuomo's up of nursing home deaths atrocious, DOJ must investigate Judge Pirro Liar, political bully Cuomo should face serious investigation for super Cover Flashback Fauci praised NY's response to COVID 19 They did it correctly NY Rep. Tom Reed will file criminal complaint against Cuomo aide for alleged COVID 19 nursing home cover up Cuomo aide tells NY Democrats administration hid nursing home data to keep it from Trump DOJ Report memes
Under gaddafi, libya had 0 debt to the IMF or world bank, raised the literacy rate from 25% to 83%, interest free loans, had the largest irrigation project making water available for over 70% of desert population, 0% homelessness, women had more rights than ever in the entirety of libyan history Alqua Ok what does this have to do why why the USSR was trash i can not with u retards i rlly can not  i can't with u retards i rlly can not memes
'THE MATIOWAL INTEREST 4.x1 Firing Actors for Being Conservative Is  and nother Hollywood Blacklist Ay Jonathan Chait Androw Lawrence Gndrew lawrence Replying to urbanchiev Conservative I have been censored for my conservative views Me Holy shit You were censored for wanting lower taxes Con LOL no no not those views Me deregulation Con Haha no not those views either Me Which views, exactly Con Oh, you know the ones 10224AM 2018 Twitter Web Client memes
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