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Project Nemesis Part One Catmus to any Autebots the area, our scanners have picked up an Energon signal ean you chesk it out 22 to Prime, I read you and m route to Intercapt. Ihave arrived at the coordinates. yeu N RE hat do you want from me Some time later Tigertrack to Prime. we have located our missing bot open a ground bridge to my location. How did he end up here Wed call for prowl his delectives cone the area. d aP Wa ead see I can pick up We will find out cid this I to him anc take them down. The organs we harvested fro that Autobot have been successfully transferred. Very good Silas. you and your team have learned quickly from me. gO To be meme
All cricket LTE Tweet psyche briennebridgers Replying to GamingKingly she, like you, is a trump supporter. automatically makes you racist baby. among other things. PM   Twitter for iPhone Knack Knack gotaknackfortht  Replying to briennebridgers and GamingKingly Are you actually stupid or are your eyebrows just putting too much pressure on your frontal lobe ill Tweet your reply memes