Manatee woman punched sister during fight over vibrator, deputies say By web staff ghostdaddotex brainstatic lord kitschener Florida On the Cracked podcast they were talking about why we get so much crazy news trom Florida. Apparently most states have laws that conceal details about crimes from the media, but not Florida. In any other state they would only know that an assault occurred, but in Florida they have instant access to the crazy details. Stuff like this probably happens everywhere, but we like never hear about it. It took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize Manatee is a city name memes
How DRAM works The DRAM method starts with plastic waste everything from used packaging to broken products. Clean Waste Plastic Mechanical Grinding Recycled Plastic Particles Recyclebot Printing Filament Fused Particle n Injection Molding Material Extrusion based additive Manufacturing Custom Recycled Plastic Products DRAM method of recycling plastic waste for printing. Best method of using our plastic waste at home. DRAM method of recycling plastic waste for 3D printing. Best method of using our plastic waste at home memes
A rare moment of rabbitkin acceptance I went out for dinner with my anti otherkin mother last week, and as we were ordering our food, the waiter asked us what we wanted. I said As a rabbitkin, I would like some kind of mixture of human food and rabbit food. As the waiter wrote this down, my mom yelled at me FOR THE LAST TIME, OTHERKINS ARE DISGUSTING THEY PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT NO DAUGHTER OF MINE IS RABBITKIN  As I cried and cried and cried, the waiter said to my mother You are a small minded bigot As it turns out, lam plantkin myself, and my wife is a spacekin How dare you offend us like that  and threw her out of the restaurant. The entire restaurant began to clap and cheer. I got a free dessert, and they added a new option to the menu Rabbitkin special surprise memes
Silverdragon122 2 years ago The reason I have faith and total trust in CDPR is because they have the money of a triple A company BUT the heart and passion of an indie developer. There's no worry of them censoring shit, or worrying about what some bored housewife thinks is bad for children. There's no lets add zombies to appeal to the casuals . I will patiently await this masterpiece. They haven't done me wrong yet. 178 4 REPLIES memes
I want to say I was 16, maybe. My family went to Florida. I was and still am a passionate SCUBA diver. The water is the only place I feel graceful. I went by myself on a dive boat. There was me and maybe six other divers all big, brawny men. I felt very small and hairless. 201 Web App end Chris Jones EnswellJones You have to understand dive cutture. Some people like the fish. Some people like the quiet. Some people dudes with bad fathers like to pretend they're NAVY Seals. They strap knives to their legs and wear huge watches and get all big balled about how little air they use. Ow 2268 Chris Jones Enswelldones This boat was filled with those meatheads. On our way out to the dive site, was like, Are we invading Bermuda They were all strapped and wearing four foot fins, telling tales about
Orthodoxy in the west has developed some sort of heresy defense mechanism where it labels anything estern roman as evil. I suspect it because the Clergy are worried about converts bringing uch influences. he Orthodox Church does have a history of borrowing minor things usually terminology and fitting them with Orthodox meaning and grafting them into an orthodox ramework. Perhaps this is because these things were prior to the Orthodox Jerusalem Synod, and the First atican Council But this IS NOT akin to adopting western philosophy or theology. The Orthodox Church has no desire or need ta learn anything from the non orthodox meme