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A Bratty sub cursing at their dom to get a reaction and snickering when they can see it does but their laughter quickly dies out when their dom leans down to whisper you're laughing now but I do not think you'll be laughing when you're begging to cum later and I say no. To them memes
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One of the men who died in the capitol siege is named Kevin Greeson. At one point during the rally, Mr. Greeson, fearing arrest, hid a loaded taser in the front of his pants. He then participated in the storming of the capitol building, and seemingly forgot he had crotched the taser. When he stood up on a chair to steal a portrait of Tip O'Neill, his leg pressed against the Taser trigger and fired the leads into his testicles. Mr Greeson fell, and landed in such a way as to put consistent pressure on the trigger, electrocuting himself in the testicles until he expired of a heart attack. This is not a made up on the internet thing. It really happened meme