Anonymous ID regret No.27937035 finally reach 7 figure purgatory thanks to biz  decide it's time to reward myself spend months planning a degenerate trip to vegas ready to fulfill my lifelong dream 10 KB JPG of 3 chicks at the same time check in to my hotel friday night muthafucka booked 3 milfs with big asses for my first night, never had sex before start drinking some japanese nikka whisky to celebrate my portfolio the girls show up, they're more or less how they looked in the pictures maybe slightly less but still acceptable  have all 3 of them lined up in thongs ready to bury my face in their asses all night, etc. blasting Def Leppard peel the first one's thong off and start eating her ass immediately overwhelmed with shame and regret on some kind of holy cosmic level that I've never e
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