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Robert th The filibuster was popularized in the Jim Crow era by Southerners who wanted to prevent the Northern majority from passing legislation in favor of civil rights for Black citizens. Abolish it. 148 113,944 QO13.8k Robert Baigh  RB Th  Adam Jentleson   A The de facto supermajority threshold was first forged against civil rights. Jim Crow era segregationist seraturs repurposed a 1917 Seaate rule to force every civil rights bill to clear a supermajority threshold, blocking them all. Only civil rights bills were blocked in this way. Show this thread The supermajority threshold now ass emerged in the Jim Crow era, when S stop civil rights and only civil rights Senmte created Rule 22 to terminate giving a supermajority today 60 sen closure or cloture  to a filibuster. the norm for all ot
Robert J. O'Neill  mchooyah Today is a new day This 78 year old white dude who has been in politics for half a century is gonna make big changes I'm one of those pro choice, pro gay marriage catholics. Btw Jesus was brown.  I'm one of those pro choice, pro gay marriage catholics. Btw Jesus was brown meme