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Follow Sneaking witchcraft into Christmas *cackles slightly* Okay so, for years I've done this thing where I slip tumbled stones like Tiger's Eye, Hematite and Jasper into my niece's and nephew's Christmas stocking under the pretext of adding to their rock collection , when in reality I'm growing their arsenal of magical tools and promoting the love of nature. The adults think they are just getting shiny rocks but later we discuss the magical properties of the stones and how to use them. Witchmas on the dl low key witchcraft during 86 notes memes
Ch 1287220 yberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer 1,952,603 views 10 Jan 2013 Fiii Rahman 3 weeks ago edited Things that have happened since Cyberpunk was announced 2 Resident Evil Remakes 2Tlous 2 Rockstar open world games 2 Dark Souls 3 Gears of War 11 Call of Duty's 9 Assassin's Creeds 2 God of wars 3 Miyazaki games 2 Uncharteds 2 Devil May Cry's 3 Watch Dogs games and Kojima demo. 2 Nomura games 1 The Last Guardian Announcement that Final Fantasy Versus 13 became FFXV and launch Baldurs Gate 3 launched Diablo 4 has been announced Kingdoms hearts and a prologue Announcement and launch of Shenmue 3 Announcement and launch of FF Vil Remake 2 Fallouts 4 Battlefields Quya was born and died World Cups 1 entire Star Wars trilogy Crash came back with a remastered trilogy, won a rac