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Netflix  netflix The Sparrows are coming in season 3 status Academy. colossus. THE SPARROWS  Netflix netflix We heard a rumor  UmbrellaAcad NXOnNetflix AM 11 Jan 21  TweetDeck o Nettix GENESIS RODRIGUEZ will play SLOANE, a romantic dreamer eager to see the world beyond the academy. Even though she feels tied down to her family, Sloane has plans of her own and she may just act on them. Replying to UmbrelaAca JAKE EPSTEIN will play ALPHONSO a scarred crime fighter with a caustic and biting sense of humor who enjoys ed down verbally berating his enemies, of her almost as much as he enjoys a act on the good pizza and a pack of beer. Drumroll Meet The Sparrow JUSTIN CORNWELL will play MARCUS a natural born leader that oozes confidence and keeps the family together who is equally as charming as