Yogi LongLivekermy Twitter ain't really a safe spot for nobody. I remember some girl killed herself by jumping in front of a train after someone leaked a of the football team taking turns on her. Then somebody quoted the tweet live by the train, die by the train. 1,649 comments memes

Prayer, does nothing savage ALRIGHT GANG, LETS SEE WHOSE VOICE HAS REEN TALKING TO ME WHEN PRAY This is fucking awesome, Because prayer, how to nothing and still think you're helping.  This is fucking awesome. Because prayer, how to nothing and still think you're helping.  meme

WEGOP rr Follow Maine GOP mainegop The official Twitter account of the Maine Republican Party. Dr. Demi Kouzounas, Chair JSavage207, Executive Director Augusta, ME and Joined February 2009 572 Following 6,406 Followers Tweets Tweets and replies Media Likes MrSteak I Hiatus Cuz Steak is BIG Babby mrsteak 2Butt memes

WHAT'S YOUR SUPERHERO NAME FIRSTINITINE MIDDLEINITIME AST INITIAL A Amazing A Flying A Alien B  Bombastic B  Growing B  Beast C Chivalrous C Furry C Corpse D Daring D Indestructible Dragon E Extraordinary E Raging E Eagle F  Fantastic F Mind Reading F Fairy G  Gritty 6  Shrinking G Giant H Helpful H Invisible H Hawk Incredible Steel Imp Jaunty Frozen J Jaguar K Killer K  Fiery K Kid L Lowly L Green L Lizard M Marvelous M Silver M N Nefarious N Evil N Nymph Odious Fighting O Ogre P  Poisonous P Yellow P Python Quixotic Speedy Q Queen R  Radioactive R Swimming R Robot S Savage $ Levitating Spirit T Terrifying T Red T Thief U Unlikely U Laver U Underdog V Vicious Exploding V Vampire We Wild W Armored W Xanthic X Blue X X Ray Y Young Y Underground Youth 1 Tealous Z Orange 1 Zombie Brougit to y