Munson jo munson jo 1d Pelosi said her young staffers knew to barricade the door, turn out the lights, and be silent, because they learned it in school. 1,929 26.7K 147K it, Kate Hil kate hil I'm a middle school teacher in a rural district  and we have literally had combat medical training where they recommended that we buy our own tourniquets. Do you know proper technique for packing a bullet wound Because I do. T158 583 It's all BS ltsallBS4 Hi Elementary teacher here. We've learned how to pack a wound, properly barricade a door, best places to hide, best office supplies to throw at the shooter, and how to block our students from bullets. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. On 137 333 meme

Yes, I know, I think am a joke, know am a joke, I am a joke somewhere But do not really care, well maybe do care, But if they know that care they will tell more jokes about me Yes, know, I'm easily provoked, try to play it placid but I just can not take a joke guess that's the part that's funny, I guess I'm areal dummy, As I cannot hide my upset, I run crying home to mummy Mummy, mummy, mummy Why are they so cruel Why do they all laugh at me when I go to school And when get a job And when leave home And when I start a family And even when I'm dead Mummy said poor sweetie what do they say After they make a joke do they say JK said no she said oh That's really bad, l always say JK after having a laugh Mummy mummy mummy What do we do She said first thing tomorrow we take you out of school You

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Brian Smith 16 hrs Young kid Banging on the door I wake up Like WTF open it like What up Lil homie i've never seen him Before He said I MISSED THE BUS and NO ONE WILL TAKE ME TO SCHOOL IVE KNOCKED ON 3 DOORS my response SAY NO MORE FAM DIONT EVEN BRUSH MY TEETH just grabbed my keys Slipped on my Foams GO GET THAT EDUCATION YOUNG BROTHA THIS IS WHAT A BIG HOMIE DOES FOR YOUNG BROTHAS TH SPLIT PIC RealOG TheYouthTheFuture meme

Ut Of Context KFUPM outkKFUPM A student at KFUPM was facing a lot of difficulties, as a result he hanged himself from the ceiling by wires as shown in figure a . If the wires make angles of 30 and Ga with the ceiling then find the tension of each wire.  the student has a mass of 70 kg memes

Minecraft modding Minecraft Bedrock  and  17 hours ago  you're on a Zoom  Google Meets call.  you're bored and tired so you decided to do something else but the schoolwork 54 Read more go to sleep. cant sleep 15% play games. 46% 23% go on YouTube, Netflix, etc and watch something random. go on Discord. I text your friends. 6% no friends listen to music and on some 10% other project.  no I ife 1.9M votes memes

In elementary school when we would have read out loud to the class from the textbook I would literally count the kids in front of me and figure out what section I was reading so I could practice it before it got to my turn  and  think that's where my anxiety started memes

The Virgin 0311 Constantly in the field Low fade haircut makes him look ike the next school shooter  Stands by all day at armory in room waiting to get released Will probably get out asaLance Wom, faded uniform from Getshis MOS tatted on fid jetomy his tricep because he i jetomy forgets sometimes nied by Low ability. features no tactical ability. Everyone knows that uniform orders win wars The Chadmin 0111 hot gunny could care less Gets off work no later than 0900 You can call him a to all your pay for training he's still not going to fix your pay Picks up Sgt 3 yearsin. ittoo Worked hard forittoo Huge arms from being able tohit the gym at anytime ofthe day Uniform is aways clean, Makes Youtube about the Marine Corps instead of doing his job true Chad Why killin raq when you can chillin PA