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Charlie Kirk Hey liberals, do you notice that when conservatives lose races we do not riot, scream, smash windows, burn cars, assault people, or need days off of work It's amazing how mature and civil conservatives are Please remember this and take notes when we get Trump re elected in 2020 Nov 7, 2018 people are Tweeting about this Well this tweet certainly didn't age well Well this tweet certainly didn't age well memes

Imagine your babydaddy being awarded full custody of y'alls kid and every time you say somethin that irritates him, you can not see your kid again. As soon as you do not agree to one thing, you can not see your kid again. Imagine the kid being around the dads girlfriend, but when you want to get the kid it's an issue with you having the kid around your boyfriend. Imagine being told NO, you cannot get or see your kid on a holiday or their birthday. Not because you're not fit, but because the power isn't in your hands. Now picture how often that happens to dads that actually try and want to be there. It's pitiful. Kids become possessive to people who weren't mature enough to have them in the first place. They become a thing, and to me that's the most deadbeat shit you can do. Screaming this

Chang 155 KB, 233x447  48024010 flying glolius j 20 took off with some delay after ground crewman got sucked into air intake Anomymous No still took to sky without incident, aside from running over stray dog from cooking hall fly into alea of opelation wingman ho lee wet's oxygen mask was faulty, he suffers hypoxia and plane plumits to ground scream in discontent because losing wingman means 500 social credits see filthy mutt mongrel aircraft, attempt to fire missile is a dud and just falls off the pylon curse communist party commanding officer hears this back at base, he activates my execution module Smfw mv head hitlnec and nrenarec to eyninda memes

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Princetidus Trust the plan, the plan being  lift heavy weights stare at the sun eat seared meat, raw organs, eggs, milk spar with friends until you all are lethal impregnate a woman procure land tame a pack of large dogs climb mountains naked and scream from the top AM Jan 20, 2021 Twitter for iPhone memes