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Titan Leader WW 70 subscribers Titan Leader HOME PLAYLISTS CHANNELS DISCUSSION ABOUT Q How to piss off your friends in Sea Of Thievest 50 views 6 months ago Me and the boys goofed around on the high seas of Sea of and was genere Th upand was annoying enough te gel sent. READ MORE How to piss off your friends in Sea Of  How to Fight Wendigo Howto views months Uploads PLAY ALL Why Cyberpunk 2077 Is Just put out a new after 5 months, go check it out.  Just put out a new after 5 months, go check it out meme
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Chelsea Zhang Actress OVERVIEW MOVIES AND TV SHOWS PEC Chelsea T. Zhang is an American actress. On television, she portrays Rose Wilson in the DC Universe series Titans and has had recurring roles in the Disney Channel series Andi Mack and Netflix series Daybreak. Her film roles include Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Wikipedia Born 2017 age 4 years Wtf, this bitch 4 year old Wtf, this bitch 4 year old memes
Pardon me. I was told that out of everyone in Chaldea, you were the most adept at giving guidance to men of the sea I guess. But it only works if you actually do what tell you. If you do not, the harm that comes upon you is really your own fault. see well, I do not think there's any sailor of my era who doesn't acknowledge the wisdom of Circe. And having met you, I can tell that if anything, the legends understated your beauty and wit alike. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Is there anything I can do to make Anne and Mary think better of me fl Go yourself meme
URSULA, THE SEA WITCH Medium humanoid folk, shapechanger , lawful evil Armor Class 15 natural Hit Points 195 26d8  Speed 10 ft, swim 40 ft wis CHA 12 1 20  5 2 Saving Throws Wis 6, Insi Perception 4, Pers ances cold ption 15 Languages Aquan, Challenge 5 1,800 XP Amphibious. Ursula can breathe air and water. Innate Spelleasting. Ursula's innate spelicasting ability is Charisma spell save DC 16 . She can innately cast the following spells, requiring no material components friends, fog cloud, vicious mockery hi charm person, regenerate, true polymorph Shapechanger. Ursula can use her action to magically polymorphr into a humanoid or beast that has challenge rating no higher than her own, or back into her true form. She reverts to her true form if she dies. Any or equipment she is wearing or c
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ADRIATIC SEA Marino MARCHE PAPAL STATES TUSCANY KINGDOM OF THE TWO SICILIES TYRRHENIAN SEA 50 mi One of the great failures of Napoleon Ill was his inability to make up his mind on the Italian question. While at one point he assisted The Italians to unify Italy he then turned his back on that cause by keeping a garrison in Rome to keep it from falling to Italian hands. And by doing this he got himself stuck in dilemma. He couldn't allow the Italians to annex rome for threat of loosing the public Confidence of the uber catholic french people but at the same time couldn't keep Italy as his ally due to their demands for rome. And having any sort of allies was imperative for Napoleon due to the increasing wrath of the encroaching German Empire. Italy was thus Crossed off that lost of possible a
My results Player statistics Awards RN ENRNNNNENNE eseec0ge000000  and  2 3 Save Replay 5721 4605 View highlights Battle Tasks Mission Failed Realistic Battles, I Battle Arabian sea boats Battle log PredatoryPotato TaMepAaH2810 rivaboomin Dorofey Erdmann Nobunori Norihiko Reinhold ab 1662 952 392 Tickets 14300, Zoneyk2 AL300 Kaptain NemO devanonatr3000 littleesde Anshelm Vyacheslav Ludwig Larisa Arseniy Hupprecht Foma Mamoru 2487 795 oF 11870 869 2438 NPR RRRP RR RNRNO Version memes
Fabulouscrabulous Follow ACIE ob Just flip em Please do this for them if you find one They are so completely harmless and just want to get back to cleaning the sea floor. I love them so much unpopular ship queen they're literally just ocean roombas please be nice to them meme