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I want to say I was 16, maybe. My family went to Florida. I was and still am a passionate SCUBA diver. The water is the only place I feel graceful. I went by myself on a dive boat. There was me and maybe six other divers all big, brawny men. I felt very small and hairless. 201 Web App end Chris Jones EnswellJones You have to understand dive cutture. Some people like the fish. Some people like the quiet. Some people dudes with bad fathers like to pretend they're NAVY Seals. They strap knives to their legs and wear huge watches and get all big balled about how little air they use. Ow 2268 Chris Jones Enswelldones This boat was filled with those meatheads. On our way out to the dive site, was like, Are we invading Bermuda They were all strapped and wearing four foot fins, telling tales about
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It may have happened this way The mother seal had just given birth and were frightened about coming people The umbilical cord is the first thing what animal mother cut after birth but she had no time. The pups are living in snow and nobody can touch them otherwise is sure that the mother seal abandon the pup. The faith of this pup is sad. Leiah Sariell, Lapland Finland 1 Heartbreaking story. However I do not believe that these fishermen should be punished, they were genuinly trying to help and were really ignorant to the fact that sometimes human intervention can be deadly rather than life saving. Nature can be extremely cruel at times the mother might have abandoned it due to it being ill or if it had been tampered with by human hand. Poor Baby Valera RIP Sweetheart memes
Crying baby seal rescued by fishermen dies as ecologists beg to never touch young pups he Siberian Times What humans see as care is deadly, the most people can do is to observe seals from a safe distance It was a maximum of one day old, I even had to cut its umbilical cord off. We were protecting it for two days, hoping for the mother to come back Picture Alexander Sbitnev Anewborn seal was heard crying like a baby by several fishermen who were out on ice next to Vostochniy village in the Russian Far East on February. The three men checked around for its mother, and then did what they thought was right by feeding and covering it It was a maximum of one day old, I even had to cut its umbilical cord off. We were protecting it for two days, hoping for the mother to come back. We even named it