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OTHERWORLDY PATRON Luck  Your Patron itself, as being simply who personifien the concept of fortune the. itself, Astral known as on simply as Lady Luck. seven travels through the Astral Plane on a reat wheel, her seven snake eyes observing every possible outcome of every ation, her eigh hhands occasionally tugging at the strands weaved by her sister this Destiny, in order for to subtely or bad influence causality, whether She is fickle this is wlimately for good or bad only she knows. She is fickle and it inscrutable, away, and if as quick to give she may her blessing as she isto take it away, and if rifled with she may at even cast a belful eurse she does that lays ruin on whoever fails at tempting her, she does however look favorably upon thase who kiow how to play the odds, and if not s
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