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Andressa Soares scans the crowd for a fan to give a personal dance to. That's when her eyes settle on you. She beckons you up to the stage and shakes her massive booty inches from your face. Overcome with desire you grab onto her meaty cheeks and bury your face in her ass. Andressa shrieks and pulls away as security comes rushing to restrain you. Instead Andressa waves them off. I'll deal with pussy boy myself. Loser wanted a face full of ass, now he's about to get it. Andressa seethes, cracking her knuckles. Andress Grabs your shirt and yanks you to your feet. A vicious knee to your balls sends you back to the chair only for Andressa to crack your sternum with another sending your crashing to the stage. That's what you get loser  Andressa screams, her foot stomps your chest and balls unti