Commander  over I just realized something. if Muse Ships are just the normal girls with equipment, does that mean that the Muse Ship accounts are just alt accounts to get extra likes and attention AM 2.1K 651 9 a 4 Gr Akagi p  SingingWithPassion 2hyv 65 O16K ff, Cleveland p  Freedomidol 2hyv 66 Albacor  Idol 2hVv 64 Roon  ldolViolence 2hyv 67 Albacore Surpriiiiise Oh yeah, I know that Taihou likes to use her Muse account to like and retweet all her stuff so Shikikan can see her more easily OO 71 O18k ft, Prinz Eugen  ProTeaser 2hyv Da DD You're right, and that reminds me, I've seen Hipper do the same thing to get Kommandant's attention 72 Taihou  ForMyShikikan Replying to Surpriiiiise SHHHHHH 70 O17kK ot, Admiral Hipper  Replying to ProTeaser AHH EUGEN SHUT UP THAT IS NOT TRUE WHY WOULD I
Shiki, your swimsuit is quite I feel like Sayaka san's is say that, Saya Class Rep VOU PLEASE insisted should that pick I should pick One, STOP SUBTLY HOLD this vistorTine ON  WHAT REALLY She's HAPPENED  perverted, looking forward to seeing you ina swimsuit, What's up with that outfit meme
Couple that pummels bad guys together stays together. Neku Shiki FROM THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU LOVE METER When we first meet Neku, he's a card carrying member of the Square Enix Brooding Jerk club founded and presided over by Final Fantasy VIl's Cloud Strife . Shiki is cheerful and eminently likeable, but she's burdened by some serious self confidence issues. The two meet under pretty stressful conditions as reluctant partners in a surreal game of life and death and they do not exactly hit it off right away. But the duo gradually forms a bond over the course of the ensuing travails, and their relationship leads each of them to become a better person. That seems like a pretty good criterion for what constitutes a great couple, even if the game leaves us wondering whether Neku and Shiki will