Posted by 16 hours ago 13 92 EFT saved my Marriage Story st want to take the time to thank Nikita for creating this game, he has saved my marriage. My wife and I used to fight a lot, we really didn't do much together besides fight after the death of the dog we adopted together. I built her computer in 2019 and she didn't really do anything with it though. I introduced her to EFT and at that time she wasn't really into shooting games, she loves to organize and collect stuff found in raids. She still has no kills, well maybe a couple accidental team kills Haha. Since playing EFT with her, we have become inseparable. I play mostly scav with her, and sometimes bring her in as a PMC, I usually have her come in with the biggest inventory she can and she will just hide in a bush while Ikill every
VP BUILDER NBA ATTRIBUTE STARTING POTENTIAL FINISHING Close Shot Driving Layup FINISHING 25 25 90 OVR Set t ou My PLAYER R Driving Layup 25 m 90 OVR e ou r POTENTIAL Mid Range Shot 25 m 90 Out of 95 Three Point Shot 25 POS SG I HT 6'7 I WT 193 lbs I WS 7'0 Free Throw 25 80 Unlock Badge Points through gameplay to upgrade the badges in each category. Individual Badges become available as you PLAYMAKING meet Aibute requirements Sa gO SHOOTING Pass Accuracy 25 Ball Handle 25 80 Speed With DEFENSE Ball 25 REBOUNDING 86 POTENTIAL 1 8 POTENTIAL BADGE POINTS I 0 POTENTIAL BAOGE POINTS 1 0 POTENTIAL BADGE POINTS POTENTIAL POTENTIAL POTENTIAL POTENTIAL BADGE POINTS BADGE POINTS BADGE POINTS Interior Defense 25 78 BADGE POINTS Badges Available Badges Perimeter Defense 25 m 90 Steal 5 70 Available Bad
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