Carlos Valencia Comedian He B aw carlos valencia What's America come to when a member of congress can be stripped of her committee assignments just for Believing QAnon conspiracy theories about Donald Trump secretly fighting a worldwide child sex slavery ring, saying Muslims do not belong in government thinking was an inside job, saying the shootings at Parkland, Sandy Hook, and Las Vegas were staged, saying Zionist supremacists are secretly masterminding Muslim immigration to Europe in a scheme to outbreed white people suggesting Democratic officials should be executed, harassing fellow members of congress, berating school shooting survivors, filing frivolous articles of impeachment on day one of Biden's presidency, supporting unsubstantiated election fraud claims promoting violent insurr

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GBERIPS re eNco  MASON county I Washington State Accreditation since 1990 News Release Contact Chief Deputy Jason Dracobly http, $, Phone  360 427 9670 ext 313 360 275 4467 ext 313 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE January 20, 2021 SHELTON, WA  Weekly Press Release for the TCSO and WSP Officer Involved Shooting on On January 13 , 2021 just after 2000hrs, a Thurston County Sheriff's Deputy attempted to stop a recklessly driven vehicle in Tumwater. The suspect driver led multiple officers in a pursuit which ended up on and eventually ended at exit 88. The stop quickly turned into the suspect exiting his vehicle and immediately pointing a firearm at officers. Five Thurston County Sheriffs Deputies and one Washington State Patrol Trooper immediately fired their weapons at the suspect.