Twitch Twitch You know what In the spirit of figuring out 2021 together, let's just roll with it for now Get ready for anew PogChamp every 24 hours, starting today. Sean Plott day9tv Jan 6 Yo Twitch suggestion for PogChamp create a database of streamer general faces. Whenever someone types PogChamp, display one of those faces at random. Would give a really nice crowd feel to a chat spamming PogChamp and allow the meaning to be tied to all of us instead. Show this thread memes
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Al LTE PM 33%  Charleston, WV Police Department ee 30 mins Valentine Day Weekend Special Do you have an Ex Valentine and KNOW that they have an active us a call with their name and exact location and if chosen, they could receive this Special Holiday offer  Free Transportation Stay in our luxurious Spa * accommodations Late checkout due to Presidents Day Mouth watering meal with beverage Special set of Men  and  Woman Bracelets Show and enter them by B 304 348 6402, callers can remain anonymous. Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Valentine ra we memes
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X I ren Yeager starts out as a typical shonen character in a seinen world. He thinks he can simply get stronger like Naruto or Ichigo and kill the titans. But as he grows up he realises things do not work that way people around him died frequently, he got betrayed by those whom he once considered family, people wanted to kill him cursing his very existence even with titan powers he was always made to believe he is worthless and the memories he inherited showed him how truly fucked up the world is There are no happy endings in cruel world and so that moment he is forced to evolve into a true seinen protagonist. Eren Yeager is nota hero or a villain he is a man who will have his FREEDOM no matter the cost even if it means murdering people or sacrificing the world. Hence Eren is the hero, vil
Conversation with my very religious mother Me did you know that it is a sin to where that shirt and you could go to hell Mom Me I mean it has mixed fabrics. According to the bible, that's a sin. Mom show me where it says that Me levictus Keep my decrees. Do not mate different kinds of animals. Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material. Mom Mom Mom well just because it says that doesn't mean you can say its a sin and we'll go to hell Me so why are people doing that with homosexuality Source troyes lip ring Filed under CAN EVERYONE REALISE THIS, PLEASE memes
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The blue dot represents a blue whale avoiding shipping lanes while trying to feed NowThis News day ago se This animation shows a blue whale blue dot attempting to feed with busy shipping lanes surrounding it the red  and  orange trails . Blue whales, the largest mammal on Earth, reportedly invest a large amount of energy in order to find and consume food. Scientists have observed that when the whales are feeding, they're entirely concentrated on that activity. Dr. Luis Bedrihana Romano of Centro Ballena Azul  Universidad Austral de Chile, the lead author of a paper researching blue whales feeding patterns, said that this intense concentration makes the whales more vulnerable. This makes them more prone to being hit by boats and particularly at night, when, according to other investigations