Gallowing got bored and used leftover leather scraps to put together a small case for my leather working tools. It took a couple of hours, and I made it so that everything fits perfectly into the case and folds shut used old cut scraps to make loops to hold the tools, and a leftover piece from an old project to use as a pocket for smaller pieces. The stitching took the longest, as I did it all by hand. also added a loop on top so I can hang it up out of the way. This was just an idle project to get rid of scraps until my next leather shipment comes in. I have a few projects queued up for the next week or so. 1 A new wallet for myself 2 A gun kit, holster, sling, mag pouch, and belt 3 Pocket watch case 4 Knife sheath 5 A few belts memes
Marvillain if UNDERWATER Underwater 2020 Watched Feb 12, 2021 I've been in a creature feature mood lately so I decided that I'd just shut my brain off and have some fun with this one except I didn't even get that. The movie just jumps right into things, barely even giving you time to understand what's even happening and certainly not enough time to care about any character. I think some of the cast such as Kristen Stewart and Vincent Cassel were at least trying and they did okay considering what they were given but other characters were just insanely annoying. Looking at you TJ Miller . We learn more about what's going on from exposition in the opening and closing credits than we do from the movie and the dialogue is just atrocious. The movie leans more into ripping off other films most no
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