Daniel Alvarez Montes DanielAlvarezEE OF Billy Hamilton is in agreement with the Cleveland Indians. Minor league deal with ST invite. Pending physical, per source. PM Feb 11, 2021  Twitter for iPhone 326 Oh cool another veteran outfielder who can not hit. Every single year Imao. At least he's fast though   Oh cool another veteran outfielder who can't hit. Every single year lmao. At least he's fast though meme
Im not saying theres no valid conspiracies out there but most of the time yal cant just comprehend the fact that the world is random and anything can happen. not every single world event is being meticulously plotted and planned. you can die at anytime from almost anything, wake the fuck up antistate612 meme
Anonymous No.60248687 Shitty teacher stories grade Demon math teacher Day before Christmas break, gives massive 10 page math assignment 55 KB JPG Says to do all of it Notice there are some weird bonus questions that are abstract bullshit and have to do with the theming of the worksheet and not math itself, like drawing some sort of Bazooka Joe style comic strip Do everything but bonus questions, do not need to subject myself for that January school starts again, turn in assignment Get 80 on it Look through it Not a single math question is wrong, but all the bonuses are marked as wrong That was nearly 20 years ago and it still pisses me off to this day memes
For every time we nut a million potential soles are lost Reply  798 Kinshard I could make a joke about the misspelling of souls in your comment, but the tragic loss of the shoemaker industry must be remembered. someoneudontno1 Isekai truck owner, Again you're not wrong Thousands of them could have been shoe makers PRoS R disappointment  and  Every single one of them would buy shoes memes
The Virgin Hlaalu Kicked out of Morrwina's Grand Counel for being shit Greed, corruption and backstaing oo weak to wield svord, needs to hi thugs and mercenaries to Spends most of his time thinking about suede Doesn't care about gods, very rarely visits Tribunal temple No combat experience whatsoever Wears ugly overpriced clothes Softened boring by his slow, ives boring ite, stl ives Inhis parents manor Refers to his county as Province of Morrowing THE CHAD REDORAN Duty, gravity and piety Spends most of his tne ling loeal wite Prays othe Almsivi every day, has al 36 Lessons of Vivee memerised Never takes his armour of, abways ready fora fightI Refers to his county Leads the Grand Council of Morowind Single handedly defended Morrowind against the Argonian invasion Has never seen an imperia
Drosera Magnifica, the magnificent sundew, is the largest new world sundew at a size of up to 5 feet tall, dwarfed only by the Giant sundew, Drosera gigantea. The Magnificent was discovered in 2015 through photos posted to Facebook by hikers. It is very expensive to buy. It is also critically endangered, as it is found on single mountaintop in S. America, which is surrounded by plantations and cattle lots.  It is also critically endangered, as it is found on a single mountaintop in S. America, which is surrounded by plantations and cattle lots meme
MosNefarious  DackStevon Since approximately 2.2% of the US population is Jewish, the probability of selecting 10 advisors at random and having them all be Jewish is 0.022 10 or which is 0.00000000000000266% Syndrome Of Down ALL TEN of Biden's high profile appointees are Jews. That's right. Every. Single. One A thread. o gi ry meme
Issue 6 Part 2 of 2 There wasn't a single cell in my body that could move. He was staring at me, his eye so red that I couldn't see the pupil, his skin deathly shade of white. Then, in a movement I couldn't even comprehend, he pulled the knife out of the unfortunate's body and held it in front of him. He pulled the knife behind his head like he was about to slash me. I shut my eyes, trying to accept my death when I felt the blade brush past the Whiskers of my beard and embed itself in a mutant that had silently crept up behind me. I watched as he singlehandedly finished the rest of the rtunates, turning the mutants into swiss cheese with his kn or picking them up and snapping their necks. Christ When there wasn't a single moving body left, he made his way back up to me. He stopped a few pa
The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all, but to subvert anything of value in the country of your enemy until such time that the perception of reality of your enemy is screwed up to such an extent that he does not perceive you as an enemy. You can then take your enemy without a single shot being fired. memes
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