The Virgin Hlaalu Kicked out of Morrwina's Grand Counel for being shit Greed, corruption and backstaing oo weak to wield svord, needs to hi thugs and mercenaries to Spends most of his time thinking about suede Doesn't care about gods, very rarely visits Tribunal temple No combat experience whatsoever Wears ugly overpriced clothes Softened boring by his slow, ives boring ite, stl ives Inhis parents manor Refers to his county as Province of Morrowing THE CHAD REDORAN Duty, gravity and piety Spends most of his tne ling loeal wite Prays othe Almsivi every day, has al 36 Lessons of Vivee memerised Never takes his armour of, abways ready fora fightI Refers to his county Leads the Grand Council of Morowind Single handedly defended Morrowind against the Argonian invasion Has never seen an imperia