04 20 2012 AM mauledbyabear Registered User Posts 1,576 Rep Power 2373 I peed on my cat by accident my cat likes to follow me around sometimes when she isn't sleeping. can not lose me out of her sight for even a second, so she followed me into the bathroom. she's done it before and it's no problem when i'm the shower or whatever. she just sits under the sink and stares at me helps with abstaining from masturbation, if you catch my drift . this time, i had to pee. figured she was going to lie under the sink again, so i proceeded with my usual routine. mid pee, my stream splits in two. it happens rarely. this time, the second stream did not go into the bowl. this unfortunately happened right after my cat went under the toilet bowl and stuck her head out to give me the proper cat staredown. h
Funny story had of at time. Be sleeping together 37KB JPG having dream about fighting. Throwing hooks but it's like I've got the 37 KB JPG brakes on apparently making agitated noises and saying eat shit in my sleep gf decides to wake me up thinking I'm having a nightmare she snaps me out of my dream right as I'm throwing a punch unload a full force left hook right into her stomach she rolls of the bed winded I snap up still confused scream eat shit bob Ross at the top of my lungs hear my gf sucking wind and laughing her ass off at the same time 37 KB JPG meme
Sleeping Giants Yesterday, we asked and to enforce their own Terms of Service on Parler based on the sheer number of violent threats on the platform with Look at the VERY CLEAR terms set by these two app stores below seeping ciants Honest question for AppStore and GooslePiay Parler continues to allow incitement and calls for violence, doesn't that break your Terms of Service for apps 150 2.aK memes
This is no joke tho. one time my brother snuck out, managed to get past all the obstacles that come with having an African mother, except one. MY MOM HAD A DREAM THAT MY GRANDMOTHER TOLD HER TO WAKE UP AND CHECK ON THE KIDS i was sleeping in the room with her so she knew i was fine, but went to my brothers room and his ass was gone. that's why whenever someone asks me to sneak out, im always like naw im good, the asswhoppin my brother got doesn't need a sequel Yo grandmama snitched on your brother from the dream realm Ain't that some shit Imao meme
THE tik tn to bathe on my own now, but my mom nsists On getting in tub with me time it ncomtortable should dk Tr The answer may not be Obvious at first THE PROBLEM Binky Dathed with my mother, and now they're sleeping together too It's making my dad mad and makes me fee too lam fucking mad THE PROBLEM ad conversabor You should go to bed. son Everyone has a right to privacy. Try being more firm with your mother about your refusal II Parents know best You should do as you're told at all times. MM take your place, Arthur game for kids and Everyone has a right to sleeping with your mother. Tm sorry that it makes you uncomfortable. This sounds like an issue that you should arrange serious discussio with your mother about Nobody said you can not join us. Arthur Arthur I appreciate you're trouble