She yawned stretched one arm waving me over, Just just, throw your stuff over there, she pointed to a spot near a sliding closet, And get over here for cuddles. I found it odd that my first time meeting my new Master would be in a dark room but I've heard weirder stories of others meeting their masters. And while you're at it, take some clothes off I sleep hot. I started stripping my shorts, thigh high socks, and hoodie, keeping on my panties and shirt. Yes Master. She opened up the blankie. I got a glimpse of her half naked body and crawled in, in front of her. So N, they tell you anything about me She asked. My legs started doing it's thing, No Master. They just re assigned me. She wrapped her arm around my tummy, You're awfully short, sweetie. I mean when they gave me your E file I can
No doubts, my new favorite love story Hey We brought you some astronium All  and hello ne mans sky Keep on sliding  love greetings pilots a thank you for the scorch ttan you gave us, we git you large tiNoMansSkyTheGame we gift you an ogre class scorch titan becouse why not memes