0175520 PREMIS PLANNED OUTBREAK. OBJECTIVES NWO DEPLOYMENT. SMOKE SCREEN HIDDEN AGENDAS. ACCELERATE BACKGROUND TASKS. MITIGATE NEGATIVE PR. CONTROL NARRATIVE ar ALLIED RESPOHS SEIZE OPPORTUNITIES TO ADVANCE CC AGENDA. ALLOW BEAST 70 Q OP MANDATE MARTIAL LAW IN SECTORS COVID OUTBREAK TOPOGRAPHY COVID 19 DEPROGRAMMING PROTOCOL ENGAGED DAT LOG 2.87 38 AT ALL COSTS. RIG ELECTION. DESTROY NARRATIVE. EXPOSE DARKNESS. CASTLE LOCK C BEFORE D CANNIBALIZE ITSELF. Lightcode Tantison Intercepted. 3.24.20 What happens when the hierarchies become so unbalanced that the entire tower topples over How is unconquerable evil conquered How did St. George slay the dragon How did David slay Goliath What happens when an Ai signal takes over unchecked When are reinforcements called in Patriots an
LTE Notes January 8, 2021 at Smoke stack, just the filter Blue wisps leave my lungs barely breathing Coughing, wheezing Hands Clenched, sober up. Chest tightens, what was that Dull eyes, Smokey haze No escape can not wait Wonder why, we quake. No remorse, I'm shaking So glad I'm faking My face hides it all Not enough doesn't matter Smoke stake just the filter Stale lungs, heart attack Can't breathe remember that I'm my depth Worry, anxiety can not seem to runaway Red Bull gave me wing Fly high, Icarus Swing low Swing low n crash and burn memes