COP TOP QUESTIONS ABOUT CHINESE NEW YEAR 1. WHAT TO EAT Fish Sweet Rice Dumplings Dumplings Tangyuan Spring Rolls Longevity Noodles New Year Cake Niangao Tangerines and Oranges Sticky Rice Cake Ciba 2. HOW LONG IS THE HOLIDAY 7 Days  the official holiday is from New Year's Eve to the day of the Ist month of lunar calendar 16 Days  Chinese traditionally consider the Lantern Festival I5th day of lunar calendar to be the last day 22 or 23 Days  a lot of families even start their Spring Festival cleaning, shopping and celebration from the 23rd or 24th of the 12th month. That day is called Xiaonian, which means mini Chinese New Year. 3. WHAT ANIMAL IS THIS YEAR 2017  Rooster 2020 Rat 2023  Rabbit 2026  Horse 2018  Dog 2021 Ox 2024 Draggon 2027  Goat 2019  Pig 2022 Tiger 2025  Snake 2028  Monkey