Base DPS Fortified DPS Hemlok 201 Semi Semi Semi zo Tunoaoed ze I Weapon Class Draw Times NO STOCK Pistol 0.25 seconds Grey stock 15% faster SMG 0.35 seconds Blue stock 25% faster AR 0.6 seconds Purple stock 35% faster LMG 0.7 seconds Sniper 0.9 seconds Shotgun 0.45 seconds Kraber 1.2 seconds SMGs have the fastest draw time with purple stocks 0.23 seconds. FVA 8 Auto Peacekeeper Mozambique Mastiff Semi 16 142 14 109.2 10.5 115.5 Low Profile DPS PNX TOYO memes

Captured the Intelllgencel BEST FRIENDS with ct Inactive ress  tolview 10 rep Fly of complete every class. BLU WINS 1 2 5 Winning capture I'm not cheating BLU MVPs Points this round Grim orinning Fox Pyro 22 babymattok Heavy 18 Dr FrankenstionL Demom 17 Highest Killstreak fps 32 ping 52 ms in 234 14.05 lerp 15.2 ms The Dragon's Fury mar Sniper 2 out 88 3.71 memes

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