I feel like the biggest thing DC is fucking up is that they feel like their brand is strong enough to move on from their A list characters when they've done nothing to show they can thrive outside of name recognition. The reason marvel's run was has been so impressive is they did it without their A list besides hulk. Their A list before 08, was wolverine, spiderman, the xmen brand, the fantastic 4, daredevil, deadpool and the avengers none of whom are interesting solo till they reboot in 04, they had none of that besides hulk and the vague avengers brand till they got spiderman on loan. Now because of that marvel is set for like 20 years. Who's DC pivoting to The bat family doesn't exist. Henry cavill isn't coming back. You kicked out leto and joaquin only exists in an alt universe. You sw
The lesson everyone should take from Cobra Kai is there's no such thing as characters without potential, only writers without imagination. often see people stay certain characters could never carry their own solo series or movie. No, bitch. The epitome of 1 dimensional 80's bullies was made into a compelling protagonist 30 years later. Even Kreese is a good character now. You can take any random character and make a good story out of them if you have the vision to do so. make a good story out of them if you have the vision to do so meme
The Joker has had his own solo series but it didn't do very well, only lasting iss The Comics Code Authority has a strict rule that required the villain to be apprehended and punished in some way in each issue. This made things tricky for the writers, and the comics never found a big enough audience to be successful. est meme