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Yeah, the cia has disclosed a ton of documents confirming the existence of astral projection, telepathy and energy. GetWokeGetRipped Where wpuld I look for them noonphScoutler The cia website itself in the foia library. Googling cia foia should take you to it think GetWokeGetRipped For anyone that's interested in confirmation of the paranormal, best keywords are astral projection', telepathy, etc. For anyone that's interested in confirmation of the paranormal, best keywords are astral projection, telepathy, etc memes

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So Steve and Sephiroth are the most recent DLC characters added to Smash. It's hard to imagine how they could top these two reveals. I honestly do not think anything that comes next will match the hype of these two. Nevertheless, there's still at least 3 more DLC characters on the way. I'd like to discuss my personal predictions, and desires. 'll start with my predictions. I really think Crash is gonna make it. He's been heavily requested, and it seems like Smash Ultimate is all about fulfilling fan requests. We got Inkling, Rickey, K. Rool, Steve, Banjo, and of course all the characters from previous games. With Crash being so iconic, heavily requested, and having new games as of late, it makes no sense NOT to include him. Next up is another Sonic a character. Sephiroth has proved that a

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