Kanye West is an Xtian and racemix 92 Atmoran Very similar struggle to Rolff's DovahToor Kanye is too based to be held accountable for the actions of a soulless seductress DovahToor One day, I'm gon marry a pornstar Genlus Annotation 4 contributors He did it On May 24th, 2014, Who is famous for her sex tape, Kim Kardashian Superstar, with singer Ray Kanye admitted that before he was nailin Kim, he while nailin other chicks Can we stop idolizing this fucking nutcase please memes
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Diego Attanasio I was watching Pixar's Soul with my 5 year old nephew and when they got to the part with the unborn souls in the great before he said, I remember that place. All the adults just gasped and said, what  And he said, yeah, they showed it in the trailer. meme