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Atticus GUIDE TO ARTISAN'S TOOLS he working people ofthe world are spread over a wide range of professions some fseneral some specialized the Player's While many of ad the their found expansions in the found Player's in Handbook ad their expansions found in Xanathar's Guide Everything. this guide seeks toad oo that were this or considered guide seeks unapplicabe. toad that Toots tem Cost Weight Assaye's Tools Baker's Supplies Barbers Hairdressers Tools Beckeeper's Tools loge Bookbinders Tools Sep Sib Bowyers Tools Sep Sib Butcher's Tools Cartwright's Tools Sogp 208, Chandler's Tools Sib Confectioners Supplies Cooper's Tools loge 128. Dyers Tools Sep Engravers Tools Sib Fletchers Tool Furriers Tools Sep Sib. Gardeners Tools te Sib Hatter and Miliner's Supplies Kiter's Supplies Lockemith's T
BAT FRIENDLY TOWN TURNS RED AT NIGHT WASTE ED Waste Ed This Dutch town is glowing red for light sensitive bats At night, streetlights with specialized LED bulbs cast a red hue that preserves conditions critical for the well being of bats and other nocturnal creatures. Bats can barely see red light if at all, compared to traditional artificial lights that disrupt their night activity. The lights are energy efficient and save electricity with dynamic dimming and scheduling, and also do not attract bugs as much as traditional lights. Bats are most active at night, and they play an essential role by pollinating plants in our food system, dispersing seeds, and feeding on insects. Let's take care of the only mammal that can fly meme
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