Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook, so have many many other people for no reason, but they all have one thing in common. They're all right wing. If you went to DC on Wednesday you'll be fired. Democrats have a supermajority come January 20th. Apple is banning right wing or even freedom of speech apps from their phones. They're currently writing articles of impeachment against Donald Trump as well as every other way of removing a sitting president. There is no unity here memes
TIL the Mayans created scenes very similar to today's modern comics, including speech bubbles, stink lines and naughty jokes. In one scene, a cheeky rabbit dubbed the Mayan Bugs Bunny tells an old man to smell your sweat, wizard penis. that via visioncrown ok this post recontextualizes something that mystified me well over a year ago and i feel like i just stumbled upon the grave of my estranged lover who i never realized was dead a gamer against weed ed bugs bunny and found this Smell your sweat, wizard penis. milhorse it's criminal to not add a pic of the comic in question The rabbit like figure on the left appears to have stolen the old man's clothes, while his speech bubble says something like smell your sweat, wizard penis perhaps the equivalent of Bart Simpson's eat my shorts. It
I'm gonna keep posting it. Mods can fuck off I'm very concerned about Twitter's ability to censor speech it doesn't like. I'm 1000x more concerned about government controlling Twitter's ability to censor speech. Hey libertardians they're going to come after you next SS To the greasy skinned neck beard mid reading this kindly suck a tailpipe thanks Jesus fucking Christ it was up for less than a minute Bro I literally can not believe this. All within 5 minutes. What am I I posting that is not allowed Fuck off  Bro I literally can't believe this. All within 5 minutes. What am I posting that is not allowed Fuck off meme
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Al nino4  comments minos if And they think a canceling a subscription is gonna hurt them lmaoo0000 nino4 comment author removed the comment First you call the left weak pussies and now you feel like your being treated as Jews Imao which one is it are they pussy or are they making you shit your pants nino4 comment author removed the comment If you seriously believe your being treated as Jews, being round up and hated by everyone, to be thrown in concentrated camps, burned alive and in gas chamber, if you think the left is capable of even starting to do this, you have a serious mental illness nino4 comment was reported as highly inappropriate I will literally cry for you if those shelves do not hold nino4 Huh Apparently I do not have the right to freedom of speech Lmaoo the right is so weak
Leader, Orwell wrote  For some years past I have managed to make the capitalist class pay me several pounds a week for writing books against capitalism. But I do not delude myself that this state of affairs is going to last forever the only rgime which, in the long run, will dare to permit freedom of speech is a Socialist regime. If Fascism Bruh people really idolize this guy Imao  Bruh people really idolize this guy lmao  meme
Thank you im sad this is a republican app because would love to see some memes about today. Since we can not feature things that criticize Republicans your comment was a nice change of pace. deadpool0i30 id comment was reported as highly inappropriate