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Look Up Examples of Representational Democracy in Action Because representational democracy works best on a larger scale, most Western governments operate this way if the country is democratic, of course. Here are a few examples of representational democracy in action. The US Legislature The US. Legislature is a federal representational government, meaning that the representatives who serve create laws that apply to the entirety of the United States. The legislative branch is split into two houses the Senate and the House of Representatives. In the Senate, each state elects two people to represent their interests on the national level. In the House of Representatives, the number of representatives from each state is determined by population, so bigger states have more representatives. In
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Atl vodafone AU 78% What is Tap to Edit Imagine that you have O cookies and you split them evenly among O friends. How many cookies does each person get See, it doesn't make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies. And your friends are sad because they do not exist. Oh wow. This escalated quickly. CALCULATOR indeterminate meme
Eric Balchunas Senior ETF Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence Here's chart of Tesla's split adjusted price breaking through the $4,000 mark in less than 3yrs after Cathie Wood's Syr call, which seemed absurd at time, esp be stock fell 22% in next 18mo. Credit to her for sticking to guns and buying more which is half the battle. Total vindication at least for now. 3000 2250 2000 1750 1250 250 comments Tesla Inc Last Price 4080.20 High on 4080.20 Average 525.65 Low on 143.67 Cathie Announces $4,000 Tesla Price Target 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Shara meme
New NS For a very brief moment in the history of Romania before the 19th century it became united by a man named Michael the Brave. The modern Territories of Romania at the time were split into three lands Moldavia, Transylvania and Wallachia. Michael was initially the Prince of Wa lachia initially then by 1599 conquered Transylvania and A large chunk of Moldavia, successfully uniting what would become romania later However his conquests were very short lived, less than a year, in 1600 he was kicked out of Moldavia by the polish and the previous rulers Of both moldavia and transylvania were restored. When he came back later to try and retake these lands he was assassinated by the commander Appointed to assist him by the Habsburg emperor who he came to for help as the habsburg emperor wante