Verse 1 Mike Shinoda There's a place so dark, you can not see the end Skies cock back And shock that which can not defend The rain then sends dripping acidic questions Forcefully, the power of suggestion Then with the eyes shut, lookin through the rust and rot, and dust Asmall spot of light floods the floor And pours over the rusted world of pretend And the eyes ease open, and it's dark again Pre Chorus Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda From the top to the bottom Bottom to top, I stop At the core, I've forgotten In the middle of my thoughts Taken far from my safety The picture's there The memory won't escape me But why should I care memes
King of the Ring, an event that has a soft spot in my demonic soul. Every year it brings out the best in me, fueling the flames of hell within me to new heights. To which praise from the men in the back and corp would come flooding. Yet somehow fall short in obtaining the prize. Not this year, 2021 will dawn a new era. No longer will relics of a bye gone era cloud the pools of this company. Strangling the lifeblood of the those they deem unworthy of being wei considered the best. Ancient royals holding down the progress of change. For too long I've let greatness slip through my fingers. Seeing far less deserving wrestlers get past me. This time I'm not going to let that happen. Especially with my upcoming opponent Bray Wyatt. A self proclaimed savior of this company that has overstayed his
BLASTING CANTRIP Prerequisite sword burst cantrip When you deal force damage to a creature with a warmage cantrip, that creature must make a Strength saving throw or be knocked prone. BooMING CANTRIP Prerequisite thunderclap or booming blade cantrip When you deal thunder damage to a creature with a warmage cantrip, that creature must make a Strength saving throw or be shoved 10 feet away from you in a straight line, CASTLE Prerequisite Level 10, House of Rooks As a bonus action, you magically swap places with a willing Small or Medium creature who is within 100 feet of you, each of you vanishing in a burst of feathers before appearing in the other's previous spot. Once you use this trick, you must take a short or long rest before you can do so again, Caustic CANTRIP Prerequisite acid splas
Exactly, 22,000 of us gathered to orotest unconstitutional laws and the politicians laughed it off, lets speak to them in a language that they can hear See this what you larping morons do not understand, the politicians DON'T CARE that you broke into the capital, they were safe, They survived, and you handed them a primetime news spot on a silver platter. They only care about two things, money and Votes. This stunt cost them neither. In fact it probably gained them both. Votes. This stunt cost them neither. In fact it probably gained them both meme
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You In Darth Vader's death scene, you can hear blaster shots going off in the background. Luke is the only Rebel on Death Star 2, and the stormtroopers aren't shooting at him. The Death Star is getting ready to explode, and all the imperial troops are evacuating. So the only thing those blaster shots could be are stormtroopers killing each other for spots on the ships memes
Tease the fuck out of me I want someone that's going to turn over and bite my neck in the middle of the night just to get a rise out of me. I want someone that knows all of my weak spots and hits them just to make me crave them. I just want to crave someone I want someone that I'll want so badly physically and emotionally. Oh god memes
I Upbeat Impulse I Spot them easily 10 SIGNS OF TOXIC PEOPLE THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN NG LISTENING TO YOu You can notice them getting bored easily when you're changing the topics, THEY DON'T THEY ARE SEEK YOUR ALWAYS A ADVICE If you try to give them some reasonable advice, they keep repeating the same stories. 5 THE AGREE WITH THEM They do not need you to be an active participant in the conversation. THEY TAKE CARE ONLY OF THEIR OWN NEEDS You are not important to them. The whole conversation is about them and their problems. YOU ARE THEIR ENEMY IF YOU THEY ARE HIGHLY YOU ARE THEIR ENEMY IF YOU HAVE YOUR MANIPULATIVE NO LOGICAL YOU TO 6 CONVERSATION IS POSSIBLE WITH THEM If you try to put some logical argument in your conversation, they can easily get mad. THEY ANGRY VERY EASILY They do n