Hunger Games Summary The Bloodbath Bacon Bits throws a knife into tan chest. No Erik with a K, and tr ney get into a fight. EccentricDisney triumphantly kills them both. sod throws a knife into v's head. me sets an explosive off, killing manchildbabyeater, SamlAm, dot and Sandperson om iliketrains307 cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide. Doodle Biscuits snaps Pope neck. sazy323, ColtCross357, and LOn3w01f start fighting, but Co runs away as sazy323 kills LOn ape sets an explosive off, killing m Just The Comic Relief. erG ea h, and Cw dB nk start fighting, but Bleach runs away as ViommyHungerGamez kills PoweredByEnergyDrinks. Day sazy323 taints Pick's food, killing him. De ch accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it. ColtCross357 and JJmarked fight Doodle Biscu
YzMA, ALCHEMIST ADVISOR Medium humanoid human , neutral evil Armor Class 1 Hit Points 90 20d8 Speed 30 ft STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA Saving Throws Dex 3, Int 7 Skills A tion 1, Medicine 4, Nature 7, Perception 4, Persuasion 1 Senses passive Perception 14 Languages Com Challenge 4 1,100 XP Cunning Action. On each of her turns, Yzma can use the start of her turn bonus action to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action Legendary Resistance to f Yzma fails instead a saving throw, she can choose to succeed instead Actions Dagger. Melee or Ranged Weapon Attack  3 to hit, reach ft. or range ft, one target. Hit 3  1 piercing damage. POTION TABLE Prolific Polymorph Potion Purveyor. Yzma carries dozens of her signature potions with her, but they are not well organized. Roll signature a and with consult
TOP DEFINITION vf hangover montage When one wakes up after a heavy night of drinking, only recalling certain instances in the night. When Billy awoke the morning after his grad party, he remembered a few events in a hangover montage bonging a beer, going to WAWA, and getting slapped by a girl, but nothing else by Roflzorz09 April 16, 2011 memes
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Instances of SCP 3168 1 are anomalous organisms which resemble ambulatory houses on chicken legs Foundation folklorists have noted the similarity to the Russian legend of Baba Yaga from their legs and feet, the organisms are not composed of biological matter, but rather of standard architectural materials boards, masonry, nails, etc. Despite their anomalous form and composition, instances of SCP 3168 1 follow the standard chicken life cycle, hatching from their eggs an average of 21 days after fertilization, at which point they are the size of non anomalous newly hatched chickens radiographic and ultrasound examination of SCP 3168 1 eggs reveal the presence of microscopic architectural components as early as 5 days after fertilization. Tissue samples from the legs of SCP 3168 1 instances r
WHAT IS IN TITULO  Tyrannicide is the killing of a tyrant, and specifically, the killing of a tyrant by a private person for the common good of the nation. The are two classes of tyrants a tyrant by usurpation tyrannus in titulo a ruler who has illegitimately taken power such as through a rigged election in a republic or through an overthrow in a monarchy and a tyrant by oppression tyrannus in regimine a ruler who wields power unjustly, oppressively, and arbitrarily, but came into power lawfully. The second type in almost all circumstances cannot morally be overthrown, according to most classical and medieval philosophers, but the first type is what we are looking at currently. Tyrannicide has had support from various philosophers and theologians through the centuries, including the ancien
Hunger Games Fallen Tributes 1 17 cannon shots can be heard in the distance. District 1 District 3 District 7 District 2 By District 1 District 11 District 2 District 9 District 8 ML District 5 District 7 District 6 District 11 District 5 District 3 District 6 District 5 See everyone's status. Proceed. Rest in pieces Rest in pieces memes