Star wars the force awakens memes

Fri 1 No.844269512 me Decide to take acid to watch specific movies Get entertainment ready, GREAT Get munchies, GREAT Get acid, GREAT sTake acid, hare we go, EXCITED Start first movie, start tripping, GREAT sMovie stop, player software cormupt, need to reinstall, FUCK oasturbete, out of body experience when I cum, secing sters type of shit, GREAT Reinstall finished oFinish movie, start sacond movie Computer restarts this hardly ever happens, need to walt, NOT HAPPY Computer reboots, continue watching movie Bad stomach ache, need to teke a shit bad think shitting my guts out, think gaiing to die, had to fight to maintain control of the trip, HORRIFIC FUCK IT, masturbate again, GREAT out not as intense Continue watching movie Computer restarts again, have to watt, PISSED OFFY Computer reboot
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