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Mmarvel lous things Follow Pepper I SEND YOU UNSUPERVISED TO THE FARMER'S MARKET ONE TIME Tony, attempting to shove a stubborn alpaca off the couch I can explain Pepper FOR BREAD. BREAD. I ASK YOU TO GET ONE LOAF OF BREAD AND YOU COME BACK WITH THAT THAT THING Tony pep Pepper DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY FOR YOURSELF  Tony Tony, sweating I forgot the bread meme

The superficial mind often clouds the sight and perception of those who refuse to see past the materialistic world and their own greed. Where some may focus on the greed and bloodmoney of being monetarily superior to one's peers, see the world anew. Superficiality inspires the masses to pursue only hatred, gree and bolsters the narcissistic tendencies that we all try to hide from everyone but ourselves. Ricky Starks, look to you when ask you to hear my plea moving into our match tomorrow evening. Please do not be another victim of the superficial wor know you probably think yourself to be the man to beat in this tournament because of your success last year. But lest I remind you that although you carry yourself with an aura of confidence, my aura is that of Mother Gaia herself and she as T

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