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House Judiciary GOP  JudiciaryGOP This is the most coverage Hunter Biden has ever received by the mainstream media. What a joke. Matt Viser  mviser En route back from church, Biden diverted motorcade so Hunter Biden could make a food run at Call Your Mother, arguably the best bagel shop in DC. Hunter stood at the window several minutes for the takeout order as his dad and daughters waited in the car, per pooler TomDeFrank PM Jan 24, 2021 OQ 17 Share this Tweet memes
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ManiDeis Predictions for the Future With what happened yesterday, the political climate of America will drastically change. For starters, expect to see increased internet censorship and general social ramifications for holding conservative views. This will create an interesting solution to conservatives newest and biggest question what now Now conservatives now have a massive problem, at least the ones who agree with what transpired yesterday which was around 45%. Since quite literally all of our leaders have stabbed us in the back and twisted the knife, where will we turn in mainstream politics The answer is no where. All political leaders want our heads on a pike and big tech corporations are out for blood. We simply cannot survive in the modern politcal climate. Due to this people who h