There needs to be unrest in the streets, If you see anybody from that Cabinet ina restaurant, ina departmert store, aba gasBline station, you get out and create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell their they re not welcome anymore, anywhere. id not let up. Tjust dont know why there arent upeisings all over the country. Maybe there will memes
'10 review an hour ago Had shut down way before their posted hours but took my order in their system anyway which made it hard to get a refund from the party provider Edit What free gift certificate You didn't even call me nor was I I able to talk to anyone at your establishment. So we're just gonna make up stuff now, huh 2  Response from the owner 3 hours ago Sorry you were inconvenienced for your free gift certificate that I told you I would refund or honor at my restaurant right down the street due to having to close Bette's Italian Oven because my business fell off a cliff. And I thought it was just my livelihood inconvenienced by COVID. Apparently I was wrong meme