Whump txt Segui Do not. Please. The medic of the team looks over in surprise as the leader mutters those words. The medic sets down the bandages on a table. It's just me, ya know. They try to force a smile, but it doesn't help. Their leader, once so strong and resilient, is curled up in a corner of the room, staring up at them, with blood slowly spilling through their fingers from a gaping wound in their side. And for once in their life, the medic has no idea what to do meme
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Grove Publishing Co. There's a bizarre line of thinking among certain segments of the Internet right'that making things worse for people and closing off electoral politics will somehow magically wake them up and lead to revotenie . You dont need to look far back to see that this isn't the case. 4Retwests Quote Tweets Likes Mystery Grove Publishing Co. Replying to MysteryGrove Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia have all veered far to the left in recent decades, making life worse for normal people. There is no threat of the newly awakened masses toppling these governments. Giving the enemy uncontested institutional power over you is not a great idea 30 Mystery Grove Publishing Co. Look at California America's red stronghold turned into a basketcase one party state without a shet fred. I