Jeremy Des4gr8ness Damn, the benches were fucking up the budget that much That's crazy. MTA tl 46 815 NYCT Subway. Wear a Mask. Replying to Des4gr8ness Hi, Jeremy. Benches were removed from stations to prevent the homeless from sleeping on them. JP AM OS Feb 21 Conversocial 283 Retweats 8,084 Quote Tweets Likes memes
I wanna have a sub blindfolded and tied to a chair w a vibe strapped to them, and just watch their cute lil reactions and maybe reach out every once ina while to touch them or play with them a little bit AM 23 Nov 20 Twitter for iPhone td is for gentle evensofterd hmm maybe i would leave em gagged for a bit by the time i take the gag out they better be begging for me touch em or let em orgasm memes
Devilshreds Spooky season sex is around the corner so get ready for when I catch you at night and take you to the woods to rip your clothes off only to fuck you ruthlessly against the nearest goddamn tree with the sharpest of knives pressed against your throat. Will you shut the fuck up memes
Come here, darling. Let's make love again. MANTICORE GI Caught you Tell me you love me. You want to take the lead tonight You're welcome to try Anything for you, darling. go with you. Ill show all those other girls who you belong to. love you. Your hair's nice and soft under my claws. give you thirty second head start. I'm not finished with you yet You're mine. Could you kiss my tail Look into my eyes memes