Ecee Tweet all Omar Abdallah realOmarAbdalah Replying to elonmusk Elon Musk, I'm a high school student, currently in 10th grade, and would love to do a summer internship at SpaceX to learn more about rockets, and help with SpaceX's vision. I have a strong passion for rockets, and admire your innovative approach to colonizing Mars. 835 Your name suggests the rockets would be directed 43 23 DroneAachaaryaa towards tall Buildings in New York. Yassine yassine BMD Your profile suggests that you shit in the streets DroneAachaaryaa Yep. I live in San Francisco. John Bayron john bayron13 Sure thing Mr pajeet. Do you also work at Microsoft technical support memes

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As a white person, even YAAAASS QUEEN SLAY i literally can not even *YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HerE  TOXIC oof oh sweet summer child  maybe, just maybe sVikes let th sink in i olet that sink in bigotry oh hey Yikes who hurt you it's almost as if folks PoC oh, sweetie  losing all faith in humanity y all i'm i'm literally shaki rn wholesome i'm literally shaking rn you do realize ding, ding, ding  Wow just wow. oh boy let's unpack this end this so much this  friendo it's called being a decent human being problematic just shut up and listen meme

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Not exactly easy considering 4 people died. At least instead of burning down the city like they did over the summer they went straight to the source of the problem. 4 people seems like a small number considering it's the nations capital, just strange that national guard wasn't there. It is pretty apparent that there was bias when BLM protests were happening the capital was a lot more prepared for a situation like this. It really seems like they were upset that the person they wanted in office didn't win so they trashed the place as apposed to being upset with how city's around the nation lacking response to Injustices within the police force Definitely not wishing death on anyone But burning a city in hatred sends a message while attacking the capital is just attacking democracy Bro if 1 B

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