Koala KoalalsGone  Replying to SuperKamiGuruO Not dressed as a child and my point was you started calling the people who were down bad as normal with BELLE FUCKING DELPHINE pec les SuperKamiGuru SuperKami You're argument on the actual thread was proof that opinions can be wrong. WHERE'S YOUR SPEAKIN LOICENCE, YOU CHEEKY BUGGAH YOU'RE NICKED SUNSHINE memes
Gimmick crazy dave's neutral B will be to place down a plant on a grid. these plants will stay on the stage unless removed by crazy dave preforming neutral b on top of a plant or by an enemy destroying it with an attack you can change what seed you have selected with Sheild  B plants will stay stationary in their location while they preform a weak attack periodically except for noticed exceptions plants are not free as they will cost sun, sunshine slowly accumulates throughout the course of a match however you can place sunflowers that increase the rate that you collect sun in stages where there is no sun such as nighttime or in space ou do not collect sunshine and you have to place sunflowers to get sun you are not limited to what direction you can place a plant all plants behave like how