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Posted by Ai I have never used toilet paper before While I have obviously seen toilet paper before, I always thought it was just an alternative to tissues for your nose or paper towels for the sink. If you are wondering how I have survived for 32 without succumbing to dysentery, I have always just used my hands and washed them either in the shower or the sink. Ever since I was a kid I always did this. My parents taught me how and then died when I was a young age. I only found out recently that this was wrong when my coworker walked into the bathroom after me, and proceeded to say loudly to everyone, What the fuck did you just shit in the fucking sink dude . They all started laughing at me and I just trudged away. I thought he might have accused me because of my weight 290 ibs but then I lo
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SYBERCYL he phere are a rare race of people Originally humans, setting they have experimented the on norm temsehves, for their setting society. ausmetaton The frst as the norm child wil for their society. The fst augment a child wil into their brain This leads to them having supernatural intligence they ar fucled by the powerfl energy within them. Since ugmentation ar ten is the wo heavily energy enforced and by ultrl within them. norms, Since many normal es ten serc More often wil than ran not and however bei their lead normal come back More often than not however their dente wl come back to haunt them, Sybereyl society is Based upon resembling hierarchy. warforged with than he humans. gbereyl more closely resembling warforged than humans. Sysercyt Trarrs Asa sberey your augmenis grant yo
Charlie Kirk 4 cacharliekirk11 In less than 72 hours, Killed 70,000 jobs Eliminated women's sports Invaded Syria Left the National Guard to freeze in a garage Admitted he doesn't have a plan to fight COVID Broke his own mask mandate EO Ended US energy independence Do you miss yet Does this dude ever shut up  Does this dude ever shut up memes
Can i just have a normal thought without linking it to supernatural bullshit can not leave my room because i noticed this little statue thing in my room is knocked over but i had a good day yesterday and can not remember if it was knocked over yesterday or if it happened this morning, so i can not decide if i should pick it up or not because it may bring good luck while knocked over but what of being knockef over ruins the luck I can not figure out what to do and i can not listen to coin flip because i think they're controlled by a demon memes
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Alex Angelo AlexAngelo Why does it feel like thanos died 689 Rick gimmick ace that never posts  flippantilaneur Replying to AlexAngelo Because you view reality by the moral lense provided by a megacorporation that produces content for children, which is purposefully designed to contain no moral ambiguity to ensure mass appeal. of Kyle Clark acewing13 Replying to flippantflaneur and AlexAngelo Is that better or worse than a moral lense provided by a church Lol 31 This is why dont use Twitter  This is why I dont use Twitter memes