Do you think the political system of the United States works well or is broken in per cent Great Britain sweden Portugal Poland Netherlands ltaly Hungary France Spain Denmark Germany Total Completely broken Somewhat broken Do not know Works somewhat well Works very well Source ECFR commissioned data from Datapraxis and YouGov ECFR ecfreu meme
International opinions of China divided % who have a  opinion of China Canada US. Greece Spain UK Italy Netherlands Germany France Sweden MEDIAN Bulgaria Poland Lithuania Hungary Slovakia Czech Rep. MEDIAN 47 45 40 34 40 36 in 54 NIS IN 36 36 23 37 Russia Ukraine Philippines Australia Indonesia South Korea India Japan MEDIAN 85 Israel Lebanon Tunisia Turkey Unfavorable Favorable 26 38 57 37 67% 27% 32 57 20 meme
World's 60 Most Innovative Economies South Korea, Singapore and Switzerland lead the index in 2021 Innovation Rank Sweden Finland Denmark Netherlands Switzerland Germany S. Korea toth Israel Austria Singapore Sources Bloomberg, International Labor Organization, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, World Intellectual Property Organization, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Bloomberg Europe dominates the most innovative economies list. The US fell out of the top ten for the first time  Europe dominates the most innovative economies list. The US fell out of the top ten for the first time memes
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Battles I Community To Battle M4A3E2 Rank Battle rating 5.3 75 mm cannon Ammo 104 12.7 mm M2HB machine gun Ammo 600 7.62 mm M1919A4 machine gun Ammo 3000 Turret Rotation Speed Vertical Guidance Reloading rate Hull Armor Turret Armo Armor Penetrat at distances Crew Mass Engine Power Max Speed  38 mm 177 152 152 mm mm 500 m 378t 500 hp at 2600 rpm 35 Armor Modifications M4A2 76 W FUN 6.0 Japan ina Mltaly France te Sweden MAAL 76 W P ATN AS Vehi Recruit crew Reserves Floaties Presets Version Events  and  Tournaments  Tutorial  Destroyer level  Rewards not collected Ordinary rank and above Win required number of battles with of Tank Rescuer streaks received in every battle being Greater than or equal to 1 Missions won Time left All battle tasks All inactive items 31 meme
What set Cardinal Richelieu apart from his conemtemporaries at the time was his ability to see beyond religion for the gain of his Country. Unlike his contemporaries who confined themselves only to work with their respective religions, Habsburgs only working with Catholics or Swedes only working with Protestants, Richelieu had an ardent ability to work with both given the benefit it would bring to France. He funded the Swedes to battle the Habsburgs and catholics wile at the same time funding certain catholics like bavaria to keep Sweden from becoming too powerful. He even declared war on the catholics to weaken their power as soon as sweden began to lose and while it was not without dissent that thar Richelieu did this, he crushed all opposition Protestant and Catholic alike. And while he