Rs penny anna Consider Hobbits unused to carrying swords, initially VERY unclear on when it's appropriate to whip em out Merry and Pippin have a disagreement over, idk, whether cake or pie is better and both draw their swords like HAVE AT THEE meanwhile Aragorn in the background like, boys please, please boys those are sharp penny anna Frodo *napping* Boromir hey Frodo wake up we need to talk Sam he's having his nap sir Boromir Sam please this is important Sam  draws his sword * HE'S HAVIN HIS NAP GO AWAY penny anna Frodo is slightly more sensible  and  very polite Frodo  sees Aragorn with his sword drawn* oh is there trouble. should i get out my sword Aragorn no that's alright Frodo are you sure it's no trouble Aragorn Frodo if i want you to draw your sword I'll. say so alright Frodo ah,
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