Tim Shut the fuck up. If you feel so strongly about it, why do not you do something about it then and volunteer at a damn school speech or something you little bitch. I do not feel strongly about it, but you need to die ASAP It's more so about your shit Opinion. You're the little bitch who's in a pity party at school shitting on other people dying because of dumbass mistakes We get it bro, they fucked up, you go around saying they deserved it and call bs because you're a self righteous warrior Right What You rhino your OPINION is better They are opinions and yours is no better than mine. Get your emotional ass in check and keep in your lane. Get outta her with that isolated degenerate bullshit guy, you're send message This is part 2. Sorry about typos lol  This is part 2. Sorry about typos

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When shooting the final scene with Dutch, Micah, and Arthur on the cliff, Benjamin Byron Davis who plays Dutch actually got very emotional. On the set, there was  stage that sloped upwards, which he had to walk up and away while Arthur was dying. Ben walked up the stage and out of the shot but remained close by, and cried heavily while watching the rest of the scene play out without him. This happened on at least few takes. Dutch in the moment is realizing his failure It was really hard. That happened, chronologically, not quite at the end of our process. But we had been working together for so long this was in many ways the bulk of our lives for years, and we were only in it together. So even now, just talking about it, it doesn't take much for my heart to break, thinking about how our st

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X  No0b3 New Dead by Daylight update 1,465 107 I mean no disrespect to the Devs of Dead by daylight 13.1K Dbd has been a game I made countless friends and a massive community on and apricate it like nothing else. Its sad to see a game turn worse and worse over the years so I just have to ask the Dev team Leaff have you heard our recommendations Do you listen to the community that has more than 5 hrs on the game pricate I just wish the community had more say over the game they put countless amounts of hours towards. At this point it just feels like a slap on the face. No0b3 always have to have one spelling mistake Also hitboxes honestly didn't think they could get any worse P BARBIE one of your most greatest players is criticizing how horrible the game is, and thats pretty bad 0 memes