Takes meme

SUMMONER You've drawn up summoning rune Congrats Now hurry up and finalize your design before the magic takes effect Each night, the Succubus will visit you in your room for few hours. You'll be awake When not visiting, the Succubus will spend their time in Hell doing her own thing. This will continue every night until you die. hope you're ready, AcE Pick one. BILLIon AR OLD Hunprep MILLION OLD OLD Sprcigs Pick one. Sex Orcans Pick one, or both for your Succubus. Or neither, if you're weird. TREATMENT How will you treat your Succubus Pick one. LIkE A MOTHER LIkE DauGHTER Contracts For Succubus to serve you, it must own small portion of your humanity. Such arrangements are made using contracts, of which you will siga. Pick up to six contracts. You must pick at least one Contract oF Contract