YouTube Chess Trap to Trick Your Opponent Tennison Gambit Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Variation Trick your opponent using an anti tank guided missile 2,392,528 views Oct 11, 2020 So Tennison Gambit Pinned by Bosnian Ape Society Frup 3 months ago This mistake happens at all skill levels. lve faced my dog and my uncle, and both have been countered using this. Its their fault for being within 2000km of my missile silo. REPLY J James Flores 1 month ago Ugh. New technologies always disgust me in chess. I like the old days more, for example when Capablanca used artillery ire in 1924 293 REPLY Luea 3 months ago As the saying goes  Do not bring a chess board to an intemnational nuclear war sow prov meme